3 Minute Rejuvination with Backmate

by Eric Bostrom April 23, 2020 3 min read

3 Minute Rejuvination with Backmate

Have you ever wondered why massage feels so good? With state of the art technology assisted by Dr. Dan Turner, PhD, we ran a neuroelectrophysiology assessment to measure how our body reacts while using The Backmate. The results were stunning!

In just 3 minutes of using the Backmate, there was significant relaxation of the nervous system (aka stress levels), placing the body in a restorative, balanced state. The body became able to appropriately manage its current environment (reduced anxiety), increase circulation and thyroid health, and provide better control to the gastrointestinal tract and vagus nerve.

 When looking at our physical health and back pain, it’s best to do so with a long lens. Just like fad diets fail over time, so will a short sighted approach to recovery. Remember, your body is the only source capable of healing injuries. Supercharge the regeneration process in just three minutes. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Dig into the the technical details below. Stay healthy : )


February 18, 2020

By Dr Dan Turner, PhD | Founder Silicea Labs

Human Performance Specialist | Burnout Prevention & Performance Optimization

Protocol: Participant completed a baseline (resting) assessment, then performed 2x 3 minutes of BACKMATE massage. In between each 3 minute massage we performed a neuroelectrophysiology assessment taking 2 minutes.The neuroelectrophysiology assessment consists of 14 electrodes placed on the skin at the regions that correspond with the nerve plexus. Our goal was to determine the effect of BACKMATE on the mind-body connection.We were successfully able to measure the effect of BACKMATE on the communication between the nervous system and organs of the body.

Subject 1: Baseline

  • Low parasympathetic reaction + High sympathetic reaction. 
  • Probably predisposed of anxiety, and then interpreted as a will to overcome a stressor (depending on mindset)


Subject 1: After 1st Massage Therapy

  • 1X 3min session of Backmate provided benefit to the body’s adaptive mechanism, meaning we see increased responsiveness in the body to appropriately manage the current environment. In Subject 1, we can see the first 3min created more internal balance. Specifically, we observed an increase of parasympathetic activity translating to better control of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract and vagus nerve. This can have a calming effect on the brain, reducing anxiety. As a secondary response, we observed stimulation of adrenal glands related to thyroid health and liquid circulation, most likely due to an underlying overstimulated spine and sympathetic nervous system. This can be related to chronic and accumulated stress. The overall effect of the 1st 3 minutes of massage was very therapeutic despite Subject 1’s tendency of overactive sympathetic activity. Overall, the therapy offered temporary relief very quickly. 


Subject 1: After 2nd Massage Therapy

  • Continued to support a balance of the nervous system by increasing parasympathetic activity but this time sympathetic activity dominated. This revealed suboptimal electrolyte balance, most likely due to over stimulation / stress. For Subject 1, we recommend not performing the 2nd 3min of massage. The 1st 3min is therapeutic enough.

  • For the average person 3 minutes of BACKMATE is likely to provide significant relief including relaxation of the nervous system driven by either an increase in parasympathetic nerve activity (vagal tone) or reduction in sympathetic nerve activity or a combination of both internal reactions. This is a very restorative response. We recommend highly the use of BACKMATE for its therapeutic effects, in this way. 
  • A second 3 minutes usage of BACKMATE (after an initial 3 minutes of usage) is likely to overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system. As such, this device could be used as a tool to activate the body as a warm-up before performance. Further investigation is needed to understand what rest time is needed between usage of BACKMATE in order to maximize its therapeutic effect, maximize relief of pain and reduce any increase in sympathetic state.
Eric Bostrom
Eric Bostrom