Top 8 All-Natural Pain Killers: Battle Headaches to Back Pain

by Eric Bostrom December 01, 2020 5 min read

Top 8 All-Natural Pain Killers: Battle Headaches to Back Pain

We all know the risks of using over the counter medications. In the age of endless information, it is impossible to pretend that the adverse side effects of long-term use of painkillers, such as ibuprofen, don't exist.

But it's too easy to reach for them when dealing with pain—especially if you don't know of any alternatives.

Well, the best thing to do is prepare. My goal is always to help you find natural remedies for pain that will not only provide relief but help you reach a higher state of wellbeing. Next time you find yourself in a state of discomfort, I want you to keep these all-natural pain killers in mind.  

1. Grounding 

A growing phenomenon is making the skin to earth contact to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other issues. The process is known as grounding, and it can be done in several ways.

In simple terms, our bodies build up a positive electrical charge throughout the day that slows down our ability to heal. By making contact with the earth, we take advantage of the earth's natural electrical field and release the build-up of excess energy.

The most basic techniques include increasing our direct contact with the earth by walking barefoot, laying on the ground, or going for a swim in a natural body of water. However, grounding equipment such as grounding mats, mattress pads, and bedsheets are useful for taking advantage of the effects without going outside.

2. Sun Exposure

The natural environment is rich with effects that are beneficial to the human body's ability to heal. Getting more sun exposure is a sure-fire way to help it produce more vitamin D. 

You may already be taking supplements containing Vitamin D to help treat chronic pain, but getting outdoors is a far better solution. 

I say that because sun exposure is also known to help boost your mood and help improve your immune system. I would also like to add that getting more sun exposure can be coupled with grounding, allowing you to simultaneously reap the rewards of either.

Top 8 All-Natural Pain Killers: Battle Headaches to Back Pain

3. Essential Oils 

It's no secret that essential oils are renowned for their soothing effects on both the mental and physical state. You can use essential oils for aromatherapy, infuse it with massage oils, or even add it to body washes and skin care products. 

Regarding treating pain, different oils have different effects, and you should choose which you use accordingly. Lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, rosemary, and yarrow oils are some of the best for treating pain and inflammation.

4. Herbal Remedies 

The fact of the matter is that you're likely here to find an herbal remedy you can use in place of over the counter medications. And while they are useful, you may want to seek medical advice before incorporating them into your diet. That is only because there is a risk that herbal remedies may trigger allergic reactions or unwanted interactions with medications.

That isn't to say that herbs aren't a powerful tool that can help treat back pain, arthritis, inflammation, and other chronic pain disorders. Here are a few you can try incorporating into your diet. 

  • Curcumin 
  • Feverfew 
  • Ginger 
  • Willow Bark 
  • Capsaicin 

5. Heat and Ice

Icing an injury or muscle spasm helps by reducing pain and inflammation. How long to apply ice depends on the severity of your condition, and in some cases, you may need to use ice intermittently until the pain and swelling subside.

You will typically apply heat afterward to lubricate the joints and relax the muscle tissue to restore mobility.

But some conditions warrant the use of one or the other and not both. For example, ice only is excellent for treating headaches, and heat can help soothe arthritis and other chronic pain symptoms. If you're not sure which is best for your condition, you can always seek advice from a medical professional.

6. Exercise 

Depending on your condition's severity, you may want to consider exercising to speed up the recovery process. Working out increases blood flow, helps you stretch muscles, and allows you to burn off energy that is preventing you from getting enough restorative sleep.

exercise to relieve pain naturally

In any state, exercise is excellent for pain management. But injuries and intense exercise don't go hand in hand. Don't worry, though, if the pain you're experiencing is on account of an injury, you may still get the exercise you need with an active recovery routine.

Active recovery techniques involve less intensive forms of exercise that avoid agitating an injury. Swimming, yoga, tai chi, steady-state cardio, and even low resistance weight lifting are all popular types of activity in this category. 

7. Massage Therapy 

A massage is a great way to help release toxins trapped throughout tense muscle tissue, improve circulation, and restore mobility. It is also highly therapeutic because it helps to reduce stress levels and allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation.

But, keep in mind that not all practices are the same, and what you may need to treat an issue can be vastly different from what another does.

Deep tissue massages are excellent for treating specific injuries and chronic pain disorders, whereas a hot stone massage, sinus massage, and Swedish massage work to accomplish different goals. You will need to do some research or speak with a massage therapist to decide which is most beneficial to you.

8. Self-Massage: Backmate 

While a session with a trained masseuse is highly beneficial, it isn't the only way to reap the rewards of massage therapy. This is excellent news for those who can't work professional treatment into their budget or schedule.

Myofascial release techniques and working tense muscle tissue is a phenomenal way to help reduce pain and restore mobility and is something you can do on your own.

backmate used for self massage natural pain relief

The Backmate system is an excellent tool for helping you close the pain gates and achieve these goals. 

Hanging it in your doorway at the desired height allows you to use the gentle foam rollers to work various areas of your neck and back. And because it works almost like a third hand, you don't have to worry about straining muscles to reach the areas that need the most attention. The Backmate allows you to target and relieve painful knots, trigger points, spasms, and muscle tension. 

As an alternative, our Power Massager is a handheld self-massaging tool you can use to treat pain in areas with percussive therapy. You can use the powerful pulsations to massage areas such as your legs, arms, and shoulders.

Concluding Thoughts

Always be considerate of your condition and specific advice your doctor or physician gives you. And you should not use these forms of pain management in place of the prescription medications or specific instructions medical professionals provide you with.

Instead, use them as a means to supplement whatever healing techniques you must use or in place of non-prescription medications you depend on to get by. With proper implementation of any of these techniques, you are sure to reduce pain and improve your overall quality of life.

Eric Bostrom
Eric Bostrom