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The Backmate

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  • The Backmate doorway massage bar is the world's most versatile massage tool. Use it to alleviate pain in your neck, back, shoulders, legs or anywhere you need relief.
  • The Backmate bar allows you to massage areas of your body that only a massage therapist could reach without it. The ease of use and versatility will forever change how you take care of your body. This is the doorway pull up bar of the 21st century.
  • + Increase circulation for faster healing and recovery
    + Relieve everyday soreness and stiffness
    + Warm up and recover for injury prevention, performance and longevity
    + Loosen and lengthen muscles for increased flexibility and range of motion
    + Correct muscle imbalances that can lead to pain and skeletal alignment problems
    + Reduce muscle spasm and cramping
    + Break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions
  • + Weight: 3lbs 5oz
    + Size for travel/storage: 30in x 7in x 2in
    + Fits in all doorways 30" to 36" wide
    + Quick release, removable balls
    + Built-in bubble level
  • + The Backmate doorway massage bar
    + Standard massage balls

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