80% of us will suffer from back pain. 

The question is, will you accept living with it?


Hi, I’m Eric Bostrom. That's me in the picture above from Sports Illustrated, sliding on the ground at 100 MPH, about to wear a 400-pound motorcycle on my head.               

I spent 25 years racing motorcycles and winning multiple championships for Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Honda and Brammo. Ever since I was a little kid, being on bikes has been my passion. It’s always been the one thing that has kept me focused and happy to be alive.

And then it happened…

I suffered a traumatic spine injury and was left with relentless neck and back pain. All of a sudden, my entire life was put on hold. When you wake up in pain each day, life feels hopeless. I visited medical experts around the country, tried addictive pain pills, and even contemplated risky surgeries—nothing worked and my pain and depression grew. I wasn’t looking for a way to cope with pain and limited mobility, I wanted my active lifestyle back.



While many people quickly turn to medication or surgery, the idea of solving chronic pain with an acute treatment seemed as flawed as the side effects and low success rates that go with them.

Unwilling to give up, I began collaborating with Dustin Bouch, a life-long friend and fellow back pain sufferer who broke his lower back when he was a teenager. Together, we set out for change. Starting with our daily habits and repetitive patterns, we reduced our use of painkillers and intake of inflammatory foods, changed our work areas to reduce sitting, modified sleep habits, and tried to reduce stress. This was surprisingly easy and felt good, but we were still in pain and dealing with those spasms that feel like you have suddenly been hit by a lightning bolt.

The magic happened when we introduced daily therapy with self-massage. Relief was swift and the results were lasting. Self-massage turned out to be the perfect conduit and amplifier for communication with the body and produced immediate pain relief and lasting effects by stimulating circulation and relaxing the nervous system. But the massage tools we were using did not check all the boxes; we needed a better mousetrap! No more tensing your upper body to massage your back and neck. No more tired hands or arms from holding onto tools or the nuisance of chasing tennis balls around a room. We needed something that could reach anywhere and utilize our body weight to apply the perfect amount of pressure. So we built the most engaging, easy to use, and versatile pain relief tool ever developed.



Feeling it! With The Backmate, we can feel our bodies, which allows us to target and apply just the right amount of massage pressure to the areas that need it the most. We augment this with a healthy diet, fasting, back-specific exercises, improved work habits, and good sleep hygiene - which combined, gets us on the front side of pain, muscle spasms, and mobility issues.

Millions of people are lost in the back pain vortex. Our passion is to show how minor changes in lifestyle can help you overcome back pain and win your life back. The Backmate not only ended my decade long battle with pain, it got me back on the bike chasing championships again. I was able to win the motorcycle road racing moto-e world championship and place 2nd in the USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Ultra-Endurance Tour (Pro-UET). Chronic pain is a warning sign, not a dead end. If I can live pain free, so can you!



Recovery is within reach. Backmate isn’t just a device, it’s an educational process and adoption of a lifestyle that supercharges the healing process. It’s time to own your health.



Eric professionally raced motorcycles in the US and internationally for over 20 years, winning multiple championships for Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Honda and Brammo. After years of racing at speeds up to 200 mph, he suffered several skeleton rattling crashes that left him with relentless neck and back pain accompanied by severe headaches. Backmate represents his mission to encourage others to take an offensive approach to pain and immobility. During his racing career, Eric and his brother Ben started a successful motorcycle hardware, accessories and lifestyle business called BozBros.



With a background in mechanical engineering, Dustin worked at a number of great companies including NASA, Northrop-Grumman and Boeing. He has also founded several startups including a medical device company that was acquired by the industry leader in prosthetics, and Fogo, a consumer electronics company that ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and currently sells products online.



Enthusiastic about adopting healthy habits to overcome back pain and setting yourself on a path for lasting health and quality of life. As part of our team, we invite you to #ditchthemeds, share your story, provide product feedback, help us with brand awareness, and spread awareness for natural, lasting solutions for pain relief.