Copy of About Us

We believe the great moments in life happen when you are away from the screen - when you are out enjoying the world with your friends and family. To do this, you need to be healthy and pain free. We believe it all starts by taking care of your body.

During Eric Bostrom's successful 25 year professional Superbike career, racing at speeds up to 200 mph, he suffered several skeleton rattling crashes that left him with chronic neck and back pain accompanied by severe headaches. He searched medical offices, sporting goods stores, the internet for a solution; but couldn’t find a product that provided sustainable pain relief. However, his research taught him that relief is attainable by combining active recovery, circulatory system stimulation, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Applying the same tireless tenacity that helped him win 4 championships during his racing career, he teamed up with his longtime friend and Aerospace Engineer, Dustin Bouch. The two designed a product line that allows anyone to easily incorporate recovery, stimulation, stretching and strengtheing into their lives and realize true pain relief.

The result is backmate. We give you innovative tools and education you need for sustained quality of life, love and prosperity.