The Backmate Setup - START HERE!

How to safely install and use your Backmate for pain relief, recovery, and lasting health.

The Backmate Positioning and Stance

Positioning, proper stance, dual axis rotation and roller removal of the Backmate.


Thoracic Spine With The Backmate

Unlock your upper back and neck with thoracic spine mobilization exerercises.

Upper Back Tension and Headache Therapy

Alleviate upper back tension and headaches with the Backmate (Trapezius and Levator Scapulae).

Releasing Neck Tension

Built up muscle tension and stress after a long day? Relieve tension in the Cervical Spine area.

Headache And Stress Relief

60 seconds of bliss. Alleviate stress and headaches with this tension release exercise on the suboccipital muscles.

Stiff Neck Relief With The Backmate

Woke up with a stiff neck? Relieve your stiff neck and pain in 1 minute with The Backmate and keep it from coming back.

Tech Neck And Posture

Reversing Tech Neck

Don't let tech neck keep you down! Posture your day with the Backmate.

Pectoralis Minor

The chest muscles have a strong influence on posture and back pain. Open up your chest with these simple exercises.

Posture Check And Exercise

Apotheosis Health provides simple movements to assess and correct forward rotated posture.

Pectoralis Major

The chest muscles have a strong influence on posture. Learn how to improve your posture using the Backmate.

Shoulder Therapy

Posterior Rotator Cuff

Counterintuitvly, tension in the shoulders rotates posture forward. Give your infraspinatus and teres minor some love!

Correcting Rounded Shoulders

How to address posture, shoulder pain, and upper back and neck tension using the Backmate on Latissimus Dorsi.

Lower Back Hip and Glute Therapy

Lower Back Pain, You Won't Be Missed

Say goodbye to lower back pain! Learn how to address the hip flexors to take stress off that troublesome lumbar spine.

External Hip Rotators

Decrease stress on the lower back, address sciatica and hip rotation with these simple techniques on the piriformis, glute minimus, glute medius and glute maximus.

TFL (Tensor Fascia Lata)

The multi-functional TFL muscle is an abductor, internal rotator and hip flexor. Addressing it with trigger point therapy is crucial if you are suffering from lower back pain.

Calves and Feet Therapy

Plantar Fascia

The back painpuzzle starts with your feet. Improve your arch support for better hip function and posture with this simple exercise.

Calf Therapy

The calves are critical for maintaining alignment of the skeleton. If you're struggling with lower back pain, be sure to use these techniques on the soleus muscle.