Backmate Pain K.L.R. 

Pain K.L.R. is clinically tested to promote back comfort.* Formulated for pain relief, Pain K.L.R. optimizes mind/body function as both:

+ Nutraceutical - Physiological benefits supporting the structure and function of the body.

+ Nootropic - Enhanced cognitive function. 

It’s the ideal natural formulation for pain relief, connecting the physiological and psychological origins of back pain.  

PAIN K.L.R. is scientifically formulated to provide mind-body support for back health, including back comfort, help maintain healthy joints and promote bone health, promote calmness, reduce stress, improve stress-induced anxiety, promote a healthy/positive mood, and help you fall asleep quickly and experience deep sleep.*

Did you know 100% of pain comes from the brain?


So why do pain relief medications only focus on numbing the pain?

Both pain and inflammation are critically important to the healing process. Pain sounds as a protective alarm and inflammation recruits the healing process by stimulating and facilitating tissue repair, regeneration and growth. Numbing the pain through traditional medications is no different than disabling the fire alarm in your home when there is a real fire inside. Blocking the inflammatory response with NSAIDs such as ibuprofen can significantly slow the recovery process by inhibiting the body's natural healing mechanism. In addition to these obvious problems, the long-term health risks associated with pain masking OTC and prescription medications are daunting.

What if it’s possible to radically reduce pain and inflammation and speed up the recovery process by changing the way our brain perceives pain? Science agrees we can and predicts that over 80% of our pain symptoms are magnified by our preconceived notions of pain.

The first mind/body recovery combination for acute pain and long-term     inflammation

Backmate has developed a revolutionary supplement to reduce pain signals and calm the perception of pain to help you live a more healthy, fulfilling life.

Pain KLR AM Vibrance and PM Recovery formula is a first of its kind mind/body nutraceutical and nootropic that’s formulated to reduce the perpetuation of pain and inflammation both physically and psychologically.

Pain KLR is aimed at the origins of pain and long-term inflammation. Based on the gate control theory, pain signals become stronger over time as we are exposed to pain, resulting in hypersensitivity, or central sensitization. Pain KLR disrupts pain signals traveling to the brain to decrease pain and sensitivity.

Pain KLR actively calms emotional anxiety related to back pain and guides the nervous system into a parasympathetic (healing) state.Pain KLR goes beyond pain sensation and transmission. Emotionally we are trained to react to pain, and for those suffering from long-term back pain, anxiety is both psychologically and physically devastating. “Sensing injury,” the over-reactive brain regresses into a protective state causing a vicious cycle of muscle tension, spasms, long-term inflammation and pain. Bottlenecked by inflammation and muscle contraction, the recovery and regeneration process is derailed by a compromised circulatory system that can’t deliver nutrients to the cells. This cycle can snowball and continue indefinitely.

Healthy acute pain relief and recovery: Pain KLR is formulated to alleviate acute pain by leveraging the natural, healthy properties of white willow bark. Recovery is further stimulated in the day and nighttime formulas with a unique balance of minerals to activate the healing process and enhance sleep quality.


A new approach to recovery

Beyond Pain: Pain is a complex problem. Backmate’s comprehensive approach connects the biomechanical, neurological, and psychological aspects of the human body to reduce acute pain and sensitivity, disrupt pain signals, improve mood and optimism, improve sleep quality, and speed up the healing process. It’s time to not only move past the pain, but more importantly, to keep it from coming back.