The EASIEST Way to Relieve Back Pain

The Backmate sets up in any doorway in seconds and gives you fast and long lasting back and neck pain relief.

Give yourself deep tissue massage any time to relieve pain, lower stress levels and make your body stronger than ever.

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Long Lasting Pain Relief

Unlike pain pills or expensive therapy, The Backmate is a long-term solution for pain relief that doesn’t break the bank or come with serious risks.

Solve neck and back pain. Reduce tension headaches. Text-neck and poor posture. Tight Hips

Get Stronger And Healthier Than Ever

Increase circulation and mobility. Recover faster. Improve sleep.

Fits In Any Doorway

Combining a level and a quick release button for easy setup, The Backmate is fully adjustable and expands to fit in 24” - 36” doorways. Any doorway becomes a gateway to pain relief. Get consistent and proper deep tissue release to speed recovery and relieve pain.

Give yourself the best back massage you've ever had

There’s no reason to wake up in pain, spend thousands of dollars, or not feel your best. The Backmate is LIVE on Indiegogo. Enter your email to access our special, VIP pricing today.

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