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The Backmate

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  • + Target and apply just the right amount of massage pressure - The Backmate allows you to feel your body, quickly find your problem areas and then apply just the right amount of pressure
    + Keep your muscles relaxed while you massage yourself - You just lean in to apply pressure. No need to use or tighten the muscles you are massaging
    + Get deep tissue massage on those hard to reach places - The Backmate allows you to properly massage areas in your back and neck that previously could only be reached by someone else
    + No need to get on the floor - Stay comfortably standing in your home doorway
    + Built to last - Handcrafted and welded from Stainless Steel and Reinforced Nylon, The Backmate is a strong, high-quality tool designed to hold up to daily use and last a lifetime
  • The Backmate is a revolutionary massage system. It sets up in your doorway in seconds and allows you to target and apply just the right amount of massage pressure to any part of your body - without having to use the muscles you are massaging or having to get on the ground. Use it to alleviate pain in your neck, back, shoulders, legs or anywhere you need relief.

    The Backmate rollers are adjustable and interchangeable. It comes with a set of standard ball rollers. Choose the Backmate Premium or upgrade your Backmate with the Pro Pack to get the acute therapy blade-shaped rollers and the hot/cold therapy rollers which can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to take your massage to the next level.
  • + Weight: 3lbs 5oz
    + Size for travel/storage: 30 inch x 7 inch x 2 inch
    + Fits in all doorways 24 to 36 inches wide
    + Beautifully crafted out of 304 stainless steel
    + Quick release, removable rollers with adjustable width
    + Built-in bubble level
  • + The Backmate doorway massage bar
    + Standard Massage Rollers
    + Sold Separately: Blade-shaped Rollers and Hot/Cold therapy rollers 

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Make Using Backmate A Habit

When I use my Backmate daily when I have pain, the results are very extremely noticeable. I’ve found it’s also important to use after the pain has subsided for preventative reasons.

Backmate is awesome!

I started using the backmate a week ago and I’m already noticing less back and neck pain.


Backmate is able to reach those hard to reach areas, the amount of pressure it applies is just enough to help relax and soothe the irritation. I myself use a lot of self care tools including foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and bouncy balls for my feet and I love that Backmate can reach the areas none of those are able to reach. For example the back of your neck is one of the hardest places to actually work out on your own but Backmate is able to reach that area with no problem, putting enough pressure on that area and sustaining that pressure for as long as needed. That also includes the top of the traps, those are a hard muscle to reach even when you are specifically targeting them, but the two attachments for backmate not only hit those areas perfectly but by changing the surface area you can target a more specific point in the same muscle allowing more relief form your discomfort or pain. I highly recommend back mate, it is easy and simple to use, but does so much.

Must have

After many injuries I could not get good relief from my aches and pains. The Backmate has helped with my back, shoulders and neck immensely. It is a “must have” in your recovery and therapy repertoire.

Unexpectedly Positive Results

When I first got the Backmate I mounted it and tried it out. It seemed a little awkward to use and I didn't have high hopes. However, over the next week I found myself returning to the Backmate several times a day to work out a kink in my neck and a spasm in my lower back - the relief is amazing. Now I don't know what I would do without it.

Game Changing

Backmate is incredible, it allows me to work on areas that would be near impossible with traditional foam rolling or lacrosse balls and do it with the luxury of not having to lay on the floor. This means I actually use it which is key. Even managed to find some trouble spots I didn't know I had.

The design is impressive as is the manufacturing. Customer service is really great too.