The Backmate

The Backmate is built from stainless steel and reinforced plastic and designed to be used by people up to 300lbs. In the unlikely case that something does brek, in addition to our 1 year, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, we also provide a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects. Please read our full warranty here.

The Backmate fits into a wide variety of doorway types with widths anywhere from 24 inches (61 cm) to 36 inches (91 cm) and fits most standard door enclosures. A typical fit will have the end cap wing (the side with the blue disc logo) contact the door molding, while the inner end cap surface will expand to interface with the inner door casing. Alternatively, in a narrow door casing, the inner edge of the end cap may seat against the inner door bead to make a secure fitment. The Backmate needs four points of contact against any door frame for proper fitment. There are some doors for which the Backmate may not fit. The end cap dimensions are: length 6", depth 1-7/8", outer wing 2-1/8".

The Backmate works similarly to a tennis or lacrosse ball on the wall or floor but it's on a whole new level. You can massage yourself at angles, pressures and areas that just aren't possible with anything else - and you don’t have to get on the floor to do it. The side of your neck,  specifically, your Levator Scapulae, is  good example of an area you just can't reach with a ball. If you've ever tried this, you know what I'm talking about - you end up smashing your head and shoulder up against the wall trying to open up your neck to get is close enough to the wall so you can massage it with a ball. It's not pretty, it hurts and it just plain doesn't work. The Backmate may look just like a peanut roller but it really is a revolutionary massage system that allows you to massage your self in ways you can't with anything else. It's hard to describe how well it works without trying it out. Do yourself a favor and give it a chance. You won't be disappointed!

The Backmate rollers are made out of rubber that is about the same hardness as a soft car tire (65 durometer). The rollers are stiff enough to give a deep tissue massage but have just enough give to make them comfortable and inviting to use on more sensitive areas. The round rollers are great for general use and trigger point therapy. When you are ready for a more intense massage, switch to the blade rollers that are included with The Backmate.

We went through many design iterations and rigorous testing to make The Backmate as safe as possible. It has several safety features and locking mechanisms that keep it secure in the doorway and is made with stainless steel and reinforced nylon to make it strong and rigid. As an added safety measure, we recommend The Backmate is always used with the doorway closed. That way, the user will always have the door to catch a fall or help support them.

The Backmate needs to be strong and rigid, so it stays safely in place while you massage yourself with it spanned across the doorway. During development of The Backmate we looked at lots of different designs and materials trying to strike a balance between cost, functionality and aesthetics - which led us to manufacture The Backmate out of stainless steel and reinforced nylon. These materials are expensive but without them, The Backmate just wouldn't be possible. In addition, there are 55 individual parts in the Backmate that allow it to adjust to your doorway width, articulate to your desired position and orientation, and safely lock rigidly into place, while the ergonomically designed rollers do their thing and melt away your pain!

The Backmate Power Massager

The Backmate Power massager is built from high quality materials and electronics and each goes through rigorous testing before they leave our factory ; however, in addition to our 1 year, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, we also provide a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects. Please read our full warranty on our website here.

Weight is 1.9 pounds (848 g) with the battery installed and measures 9 inches in height (23cm) and 8 inches in length (20cm).

A full charge will last 25-40 minutes depending on use. Charging time is two hours.

While we recognize there are a lot of options for massage guns, our power massager is high quality, reliable, light weight, small and priced very competitively. And we offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose!

The Power Massager offers three speed settings reciprocating at 2400, 2600 and 3000 rpm.

Returns and Pricing

We have a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it for up to a year for a full refund. We will even pay the return shipping.

Just let us know by email at info@mybackmate.com and we will refund you the difference up to 90 days after your purchase.